CC Page: Performer


Internationally acclaimed Australian performer CC Page is schooled in many forms of entertainment, and excels at them all. Be it her skilled circus performances, jaw dropping fire shows, or even her passionate and sensual dance performances, Celina’s raw ability to make you go wow comes from an absolute love of performing everything in front of you and having you walk away amazed.

But Celina’s talent goes well beyond the temptress persona she brings to the stage. Much of her leisure time is spent perfecting her arts to make sure she can bring you the best show possible. How many girls do you know that sleep on their own bed of nails? This absolute passion and involvement in everything she does is what separates her from the mob, and it’s what will leave you in wonderment, as Celina’s sole goal is to entertain and amaze you.

Celina will be performing at the Saturday night Queerbaret.