Feb 16

More Stories needed – and Yes We’re Paying $$


First off, a massive thank you to all of our backers who pitched in to get us some money for Queermance Volume II on Pozible. Thanks to you, we’re able to announce two things:


Firstly, we’re able, for the first time, to offer at least $20 per story published in Queermance Vol II. We’re still finalising our budget and we may turn around and offer you a contact with more money on it, but please expect to receive at least $20 AUD if you are accepted into our Anthology.

Secondly, we can afford to publish more stories, so we’re extended our submissions deadline to the Monday the 16th of March, 2015. So send in your stories to  submissions@queermance.com.au, we’re standing by and waiting to get our hands on your ideas, and your fingers on our cold, hard cash.

We are looking for stories that:

  • Include a queer relationship. Other elements are encouraged but a relationship must be part of the story, even if it is not foregrounded.
  • Are a minimum of 3000 words and a maximum of 10,000 words.
  • Have a strong connection to either Australia or New Zealand. This could be an Aussie or Kiwi expatriate overseas or a story set somewhere in Australia with a strong sense of place.
  • This call is open to international authors



  1. May Wilson

    Do I just send in a word doc? At present the story is maybe 4K. It is YA and a FtM Trans story.


    1. Queermance

      Hi May,
      Word doc is fine and we look forward to reading it. We’re accepting up to 10K in terms of story length at this time.

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