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Hespa: Asexuality Awareness Advocate


Hespa stopped writing fiction when she was 19, which is the same age she figured out she was asexual. Coincidence? Absolutely.

She remains an avid reader and, for the last six years, has helped run the annual Continuum speculative fiction convention. This included creating, hosting and participating in a series of discussion groups called ‘We Do This Stuff So You Can Write About It’, where writers can listen to and discuss the experiences of people with a diverse range of unusual jobs, hobbies, conditions, and locations on the gender and sexuality spectrums. She quite enjoys talking about asexuality with people who are willing to listen.

By day she is a park ranger, which involves knowing a surprising amount about sex, but mostly only plant sex.

Hespa will be appearing on our A is for Asexual: Queer Identities panel. She is also our amazing Stage Manager for the Saturday night Queerbaret.

M Sereno: Artist and Poet


M Sereno is a queer Filipina artist who works in ink, watercolor, and words. She has published poetry in Hugo-nominated SFF magazine Strange Horizons, as well as in interstitial journal Interfictions and the SFF poetry magazines Stone Telling, Goblin Fruitand Through the Gate. One of her short stories, a lesbian romance exploration of a many-worlds universe, is forthcoming in An Alphabet of Embers, an anthology for surreal unclassifiable fiction. As Likhain, she has created artwork for Lackington’s Magazine and Crawford Award winner Zen Cho’s short story collection Spirits Abroad, and has illustrations forthcoming in An Alphabet of Embers, Editions Jentayu, and the firstGlitterShip anthology. She lives in regional Victoria with her partner and two Pomeranians. She tweets at @likhain and her website is http://likhain.net.

M Sereno will be appearing on our A Picture’s Worth art panel. She will also be doing a reading at our Saturday Night Queerbaret.

Raven Schofield: Artist


When I started trying to write an Artists Bio for myself I thought of all the things I have read about other artists. They all would tell back stories about how they started drawing to release emotion or that they have a passion for a specific subject. But my art isn’t about emotion or passion. When I think about what I draw now, I can’t see where I link my art to inside me. So I followed the thread way back to the beginning of my art career (and because I have been drawing ever since I can remember this was a very long way back) and I realised that my art wasn’t connected to any specific emotion but rather, is connected to my imagination.

I honestly wish to see the images I create come to life. Literal life. I want to bring my imagination into reality. Everything I have worked on and practised in my art has always been to this one end; getting better to bring more of the fantasy in my head into the mundane of reality. People call me an artist. I call me an Imagination Smith. 

Raven will be appearing at our A Picture’s Worth art panel. She is also creating an original artwork print for Queermance–one of which will be available for purchase. Just one.

Lea Jeges: Artist


Lea is a Melbourne freelance artist/designer and enthusiast for comics and games. Thoroughly invested in pop culture and queer representation, they’re unlikely to present a story or character design that doesn’t embrace or challenge gender binary or relationship ‘standards’.
While their gallery is an online affair found at deerishus.tumblr.com, they often crawl from the depths of their resident nerd cave and blearily into the light of Melbourne conventions as an Artist Alley attendant.

Lea will be appearing out our A Picture’s Worth art panel on Saturday the 18th of April.


Bodie Strain: Photographer

Bodie is a photographer living and working in Melbourne.

His work focuses on portraiture and has been featured on ebook covers, theatre and entertainment promotional material and news websites. His most prominent work has been for the Star Observer Magazine, working on a series of editorials and cover photos exploring different queer subcultures.

Originally from the UK, Bodie studied Film & Cultural Studies before moving to Australia in 2004.

Bodie’s work can be found at pumpkinmook.com and he can be contacted on Twitter @pumpkinmook