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Mar 20

Beck Mitchell: Author


Beck Mitchell is an irreverent middle-aged woman with too many children; a warped sense of humour; and a husband who doesn’t want her to use her real name when writing porn. You can usually find her ignoring the housework whilst reading her Kindle with a coffee close by.

Beck will be hosting the Queer Identities – Midsumma Edition panel at Midsumma 2016.

Lindy Cameron: Author and Publisher


An independent publisher and crime writer, Lindy is author of the trilogy Blood Guilt, Bleeding Hearts and Thicker Than Water, featuring lesbian PI Kit O’Malley; the mystery adventure Golden Relic; the (subtext) action thriller, Redback; and the sf crime Feedback. She’s also co-author of the true crime collections Killer in the Family (with her sister Fin J Ross); and Women Who Kill (with Ruth Wykes).
Lindy is a founding member and National Co-Convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia, and the Publisher of Clan Destine Press.

Lindy will be hosting our Across the Genres panel on Saturday, performing a reading at the Saturday Night Queerbaret, and representing Clan Destine Press at our Sunday Meet the Publishers Afternoon Tea. She is also publisher and editor of our Anthology, Queermance Vol II, which launches on Friday night.


FeedbackcovergoldenrelicRedback front cover
These and her other books are available through Clan Destine Press

Karina Quinn – Author and Editor

Karina Quinn

Karina Quinn is an academic and creative writer working in queer theory, fictocriticism, and post-structuralist and feminist theories of the body, subjectivity, and self. She writes short fiction, poetry, and fictocriticism, and is currently writing her PhD titled ‘this body, written’ at La Trobe University, Melbourne. She is the co-managing editor of Writing from Below, an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies journal. An accomplished poet and spoken word performer, Karina was recently awarded second prize in the prestigious and long running Newcastle Poetry Prize for her poem “Always going home (a domestic cycle)”.

Karina will be representing Writing from Below at the Meet the Publishers Afternoon Tea.

Mar 18

Jules Wilkinson – Author

Jules Wilkinson

Jules Wilkinson writes everything from essays on pop culture to fanfic, stand-up comedy and perverted porn. Jules’ stand-up comedy has confused, and occasionally amused, audiences at festivals around Australia including the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Midsumma  and Mardi Gras. A fangirl to her core, Jules is the administrator of the Supernatural Wiki which documents everything about the TV series Supernatural and its fandom.

Jules will be hosting our Saturday Writing What You Aren’t panel, and performing at reading at the Sunday Queerbaret.

Dosh Luckwell: Poet


Photo by Tahlia Palmer


Dosh Luckwell is a theatre maker, performer and poet. Luckwell’s performance practice is a crossover of theatre, poetry, music, dance and installation that explores the themes of intimacy, sexuality, sex, relationships, gender and power. Recent theatre works include:Bad Adam/Pony, Box Me, Iron Man: The Shop Window Ironing Strip Show and Mr Femme Fatale. Dosh is also the creator of the ongoing live art projects Sex Poetry Booth and the Sex Wall. Dosh has released a nationally distributed album of sex poetry/music titled Sex Poems and is one half of the music outfit Public Sex that combines dirty words with techno. Dosh has been awarded Best Emerging Artist at the 2012 Fringe World awards and Best Live Artist at the Melbourne Fringe 2012. Last year, Dosh completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation (Animateuring) at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Dosh will be doing an improvised Sex Poetry performance at our Saturday Night Queerbaret. You can also find him on Facebook.

Nicholas G. Frank: Author

NGF pic 3

Nicholas G Frank is a writer and spoken word performer. He grew up in Melbourne and loves it there, however he would be quite happy to move to San Francisco, Barcelona or Zanzibar.  After fifteen years teaching, he found himself a little more excited telling stories than teaching about particle theory and geometry. So he left.

Nicholas advocates the view that humans are works in progress until death. Consequently he is continually excited by how much he has yet to learn and thinks that this will mean he is living for a long time.

Nicholas’s stories have appeared in anthologies including banQuet 2011 and banQuet 2012 and Little Raven 2 & 3.

He’s easily distracted and his monkey mind often needs a slap to quieten down. His favourite ‘slaps’ usually involve a pash and or – a dance floor. Nicholas is inclined to be Frank.

Nicholas will be appearing on our Hot, Spicy and Queer Erotica panel. You can hang out with him at our Meet the Authors Afternoon Tea and he will also be doing a reading at our Saturday Night Queerbaret.

Mar 10

Nicole Field – Author

Nicole Field

Nicole Field likes to hole up in her room with her laptop lifeline, music and incense. When she dares to step outside into the “real world” she enjoys watching Buffy and other trashy television. Her next aim in life is to create the never ending cup of tea.

Favourite authors include Francesca Lia Block, Joanne Harris and Robin Hobb.

Nicole is a Young Adult author who writes across the spectrum of sexuality. Her most recent novel, Gothic, is out now from Leap of Faith Publishing. Nicole will be appearing on the ABCs of Social Interaction – Writing Relationships panel on Sunday the 23rd of March.

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