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Nalini Haynes: Blogger and Editor

Nalini-Hayes-MMy first memory of reading was whining at my father who wanted me to read the same non-fiction book AGAIN. (How many times can you read about logging trees without becoming bored, even aged four?) One day I was tagging along behind my father and one of my step-mothers and discovered a large hardcover book of poetry in a corner store; imagine my surprise when my father bought it for me! My most-loved poem was ‘Triantiwontigongolope’ by C J Dennis, probably triggering a love of fantasy.

My earliest memory of SF was hiding behind my uncle’s chair terrified but unable to look away from the TV during Dr Who.  By the time I was ten yeas old, my mother lent me adult SF books to stave off boredom.  Nothing much has changed since then, except gaining a few kilos and a few wrinkles.

There are two certainties in life: death and the taxation officer. I used to be one of them. I loved working in tax so much I left with a dream of helping dysfunctional people by becoming a counsellor. My journey to my new career included study: now I hold three degrees including a Master of Social Science. I worked with disadvantaged people as a counsellor and educator until disability discrimination ended that career.  Now I work my butt off for Dark Matter Zine as well as being awarded all distinctions and high distinctions in the Professional Writing and Editing degree at RMIT.

I was invited to join the merit-based Golden Key International Honors Society after receiving various accolades for academic excellence including a Chancellor’s award. I won the Dawn Slade-Faull Award 2008, the Chronos Award for Best Fan Writer 2013 and I’ve been shortlisted for various Ditmar and Chronos Awards.

Nalini Haynes’s interviews, reviews and other writings — The ones I remembered to categorise, anyway.

Nalini will be attending our Meet the Publishers Afternoon Tea.

Stephen Abblitt: Editor and Publisher

Stephen Ablitt and Karina Quinn, Editors of Writing From Below Journal

Stephen Ablitt and Karina Quinn, Editors of Writing From Below Journal

Dr Stephen Abblitt is Managing Editor of the peer-reviewed open-access interdisciplinary gender, sexuality and diversity studies journal Writing from Below and a Commissioning Editor for the new GLBTIQ press Stein & Wilde Publishing, specialising in creative non-fiction, genre-bending, and experimental prose. He received his PhD from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2010, and has since published widely in the fields of literary studies, gender studies and queer theory, and critical-creative writing. He can be contacted at S.Abblitt@latrobe.edu.au.

Stephen will be reprsenting both Writing from Below and Stein and Wilde Publishing at our Meet the Publishers Afternoon Tea.

Lindy Cameron: Author and Publisher


An independent publisher and crime writer, Lindy is author of the trilogy Blood Guilt, Bleeding Hearts and Thicker Than Water, featuring lesbian PI Kit O’Malley; the mystery adventure Golden Relic; the (subtext) action thriller, Redback; and the sf crime Feedback. She’s also co-author of the true crime collections Killer in the Family (with her sister Fin J Ross); and Women Who Kill (with Ruth Wykes).
Lindy is a founding member and National Co-Convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia, and the Publisher of Clan Destine Press.

Lindy will be hosting our Across the Genres panel on Saturday, performing a reading at the Saturday Night Queerbaret, and representing Clan Destine Press at our Sunday Meet the Publishers Afternoon Tea. She is also publisher and editor of our Anthology, Queermance Vol II, which launches on Friday night.


FeedbackcovergoldenrelicRedback front cover
These and her other books are available through Clan Destine Press

Karina Quinn – Author and Editor

Karina Quinn

Karina Quinn is an academic and creative writer working in queer theory, fictocriticism, and post-structuralist and feminist theories of the body, subjectivity, and self. She writes short fiction, poetry, and fictocriticism, and is currently writing her PhD titled ‘this body, written’ at La Trobe University, Melbourne. She is the co-managing editor of Writing from Below, an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies journal. An accomplished poet and spoken word performer, Karina was recently awarded second prize in the prestigious and long running Newcastle Poetry Prize for her poem “Always going home (a domestic cycle)”.

Karina will be representing Writing from Below at the Meet the Publishers Afternoon Tea.

Alison Todd: Editor


Alison discovered a talent for editing when her health prevented her from working on a regular, scheduled basis. Since May 2010, she has have worked as an Editor, Editor in Chief, and Acquisitions Editor, and currently works as an editor (content/body and line/copy) both for Fireborn Publishing and on a freelance basis. She also write reviews for Top 2 Bottom reviews in an attempt to give back to the industry and lower her monthly expenditure on books, which her sister, who she lives with, thinks is far too high. As well as meeting up regularly with fellow MM readers in Melbourne, she is a semi-active part of AQRM (Australasian Queer Romance Meets).

Her reading habits are extremely varied, although at the moment she is mostly focused on the M/M genre and has recently begun to enjoy F/F and trans*. If you put a book in front of her, no matter the genre, it is almost certain she will at least take a look at the blurb. If pressed for an answer, she would say her favourite genres are science fiction, paranormal, futuristic and fantasy.

Alison will be representing Fireborn Publishing at the Meet the Publishers Afternoon Tea on Sunday.

You can find Alison on Facebook, Twitter @AToddMann, and on LinkedIn.

Talia Eilon: Editor


Talia Eilon (BA Fr, BA Hons Eng) has been editing since 1998 and joined Little Raven in 2012. She’s worked as a translator and English teacher, and edited for the technical and marketing sectors. Her first love is fiction. She has a soft spot for speculative genres – fantasy, weird, gothic – and, of course, erotica. She finds working with writers deeply rewarding, and sees it as a lesson not just for the author, but also herself. Talia edited Little Raven OneLittle Raven Two,Little Raven Three and A Storytelling of Ravens: The Best of Little Raven Publishing 2011 – 2014.

Talia will be hosting our Hot and Spicy Erotica panel on Saturday.