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Mar 18

Announcing: Queermance Vol I

Queermance Vol 1 Cover

Our Anthology is ready to go and contains some amazing stories we know you’re going to love. We’re proud to announce the following stories will be launched this Friday the 21st of March at The Hare Hole.

Flooded Streets – Julie A Pollard
Leaving Home – Susan Beck
I Blame the Cat – Alison Evans
It’s So Very Lonely – Kerry Greenwood
The Dancers – Kristen Henry
Vanilla – Mary Borsellino
Fearless: Rosalie – Anders
Late Bloomer – NM Harris
The Selkie – Nicole Field
Inheritance – Matthew Lang

Entrance is free and the Anthology itself will be available on the night for a gold coin donation. There will be readings from select pieces and live entertainment courtesy of the RMIT Occasional Choral Society. Click on the cover image above to find our Facebook event and we look forward to seeing you there!

Queermance would like to thank Lindy Cameron of Clan Destine Press and Jacob Coates of Jaffa Books for curating the 2014 Anthology.

Mar 10

Jacob Coates – Publisher

Jacob Coates

Jacob Coates, Publisher at Jaffa Books.

A graduate from QUT in Brisbane, Jacob set up Jaffa Books in 2011 to create a Brisbane-based publishing house that provided an alternative option for local writers to the major publishers.
Jacob has been a very keen reader from a very young age, starting off with books like The Famous Five and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He first read The Hobbit aged 8, and has been hooked on fantasy and science fiction ever since.
His favourite authors include Maggie Furey, Jasper Fforde, JRR Tolkien, and JK Rowling.

Jacob will be appearing on the panel Giving Birth – The Art of Getting Published, and at Queering the Text, both on Saturday the 22nd of March. See our program for full details.

Feb 27

Panel: Giving Birth – The Art of Getting Published


11:45AM Saturday 22nd March 2014
Mercure on Therry Street

Featuring Lindy Cameron, owner and publisher at Clan Destine Press), Jacob Coates, owner and publisher at Jaffa Books and Alison Todd, editor at Rooster and Pig and former editor in chief and acquisitions editor at Silver Publishing. Hosted by author Nicolas G. Frank.

Publishing it is said (although they never say by whom) is a lot like childbirth. Inspiration is easy to come by, exciting, fun and just like sex, it’s a bit transient. Work takes time to gestate and form, and while you bask in the warm glow of impending artist-hood, you also run around trying to set up the nursery. Do you have an ABN? Do you even need one? What about professional editing? 

Of course, all analogies can only go so far. To even get to childbirth you have to keep working, refining, redrafting and getting past the gatekeepers of taste known as Acquisition Editors. Of course, some people have no problems getting past the slush pile. Some people know how to write a submissions query. And some are on the other end reaching for the wine glass as they wade through yet another letter about someone’s pride and joy and willing the story they’re about to read to be worth risking money on…

We bring together three of the people on the other side of the slush pile to answer your questions on just what it takes to get published, and what publishing houses are actually looking for.

Feb 26

Queering the Text

8PM Saturday 22nd March

Can you judge a book by its cover? Do plots really make sense? Do authors really know what that toy is for? Join us as we ask the hard, not so hard, and downright silly questions to authors and publishers of queer work. And can you really sell ‘Queer’ as a commodity? Featuring some of Australia’s best Queer authors and publishers, including Isabelle Rowan (A Note in the Margin, Ink), Matthew Lang (The Way You Are, The Secret of Talmor Manor), Jacob Coates of Jaffa Books and Lindy Cameron of Clan Destine Press.

Queering the text promises to be a night of laughs, authoroke (it’s probably exactly what you think it is), and yes, some of our favourite books.

Tickets: $15/$10
Book your ticket now at TryBookings.

You can also purchase a Queermance Festival ticket, which includes entry into Queering the Text and all other Queermance events.

Feb 09

Jaffa Books


Jaffa Books is a Brisbane-based publisher and retailer of all things fiction.

Set up by author JFR Coates as an outlet for local authors, Jaffa Books is by no means limited to writers from Queensland, or indeed of any particular genre. While speculative fiction is our preference, we’ve published a wide variety of genres from romance to crime to thriller, and many in between. All that really matters to us is the quality of the writing, and the intrigue of the plot. Novels, novellas, short fiction, and poetry are all accepted, just check up on our website for the latest submission details as well as proposed short fiction anthologies.

We’re always on the lookout for the next exciting new talent, but will always welcome the more experienced authors looking for somewhere to publish their next book.

You can keep up to date with everything Jaffa Books on Twitter (@jaffabooks) and Facebook (/Jaffabooks).

Feb 03

Queermance Launched!

Hares & Hyenas

It’s been over a year in the making, but Queermance 2014 is here. A portmanteau of “Queer” and “Romance”, Queermance runs from Friday the 21st of March to Sunday the 23rd of March and is a combination of literary festival and writers’ conference. It has a schedule of talks and workshops for writers looking to gain skills and inspiration, or just to pick the brain of other authors, editors and publishers.

For writers, conference tickets are $160, or $140 concession. This includes access to all writers conference events, including lunch and morning and afternoon teas, and access to the three big public events at the Hare Hole each night. It will also include a complimentary copy of Queermance, our inaugural Anthology of the best Queermantic short stories from Australia and New Zealand (and if you’re an author, submit your story here). Tickets for the evening events will be available soon.

Our program will continue to grow in the coming month as we lock in presenters, so check back often to find out what’s new. Currently we have confirmed Australian publishers Clan Destine Press and Jaffa Books will be in attendance, and both presses are looking for authors so get your ticket today and polish up your story pitches!

Program Highlights include:

  • Giving Birth – Everything you need to know about getting published
  • The IKEA of Intercourse – Writing Sex and Erotica
  • The Great Debate: Authors vs. Publishers
  • Queerbaret – Closing night @ The Hare Hole