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Mar 18

Louise Bourchier – D.VICE

Sitting on brick path Cropped

Louise Bourchier knows pleasure! She is a sex educator who runs workshops on sexual pleasure, sexual health and sexuality for adult audiences throughout Australia and New Zealand. Since 2011 Louise has also been working with D.VICE, a sex positive adult store in Richmond, where she presents the monthly SexWorx Seminar series. She presents workshops to a variety of different adult groups, with audiences ranging, from university students, to Sexpo attendees, to sexual health professionals. Louise also has her finger on the pulse of sexual health. Prior to joining D.VICE Louise worked in sexual health promotion, and in 2012 she completed her Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne specialising in sexual health.

Louise will be presenting the Sex Toy Workshop on Sunday the 23rd of March.

Twitter: @louiselabouche

Mar 18

Workshop: Sex Toys with D.VICE


2:00 PM Sunday 23rd of March 2014
Mercure on Therry Street

Some people store them under the bed. Some people have a special drawer. Others have a designated toybox. Others don’t know how half of the objects above are used. This workshop is for all those writers who are interested in seeing what’s out there in the world of sex toys! We will look at a wide range of sex toys available, from buttplugs, to vibrators, from strap-ons to nipple clamps.

Toy expert Louise Bourchier will explain how the various toys work, who commonly uses the different types of toys and how to maximise both fun and safety when using them (or writing about using them!). There will also be samples to look at. Possibly handle.

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