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M Sereno: Artist and Poet


M Sereno is a queer Filipina artist who works in ink, watercolor, and words. She has published poetry in Hugo-nominated SFF magazine Strange Horizons, as well as in interstitial journal Interfictions and the SFF poetry magazines Stone Telling, Goblin Fruitand Through the Gate. One of her short stories, a lesbian romance exploration of a many-worlds universe, is forthcoming in An Alphabet of Embers, an anthology for surreal unclassifiable fiction. As Likhain, she has created artwork for Lackington’s Magazine and Crawford Award winner Zen Cho’s short story collection Spirits Abroad, and has illustrations forthcoming in An Alphabet of Embers, Editions Jentayu, and the firstGlitterShip anthology. She lives in regional Victoria with her partner and two Pomeranians. She tweets at @likhain and her website is http://likhain.net.

M Sereno will be appearing on our A Picture’s Worth art panel. She will also be doing a reading at our Saturday Night Queerbaret.

ReVerse Butcher: Poet


Photo by Bhenjamyn Fraser

Under various names and in a variety of disguises, ReVerse Butcher has been performing, experimenting with and publishing her poetry for 13 years. She was a founding member of the Speedpoets (QLD), and moved on to coordinate and collaborate on several other open mic poetry readings including: Trip the Word Fantastic (QLD), WamJam (QLD), Beat @ The Boat (NSW) and ContraVerse (QLD & VIC). She has previously sung or spoken with several musical acts including: The Electric Afterglow (QLD), The Molotov (QLD) and Trypswytch (QLD/NSW). ReVerse is currently engaged in a series of elaborate art experiments around Melbourne, called the #antiresidency which you may or may not ever find.

ReVerse Butcher will be doing a reading at the Saturday Night Queerbaret.

Amanda Marx: Poet and Author

Amanda Marx is a painter, writer and spoken word performer. Amanda appeared in the nationally televised – No To Homophobia campaign in 2013. Her inaugural exhibition of abstract expressionist symbolist works at Gasworks Arts Park as part of Midsumma 2013 was a sell out. The large format, acrylic and mixed media works on canvass are emblematic of mankind’s search for wisdom across the ages – a meditation on the philosophy, literature, spirituality, art and science of the dreams & imaginings of – ‘man’s sacred fascination with man’. (Seneca)
Amanda’s writing focuses on the biographical and anecdotal with a heavy-handed dose of romantic anarchism. She is addicted to Onegin/Pushkin Sonnets, a stanza of which bookends her shortlisted – Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose entry – ‘One Perfect day’.
Amanda has worked as a dish pig, mountain guide, disability services facilitator and Collins St suit. When she grows up she plans to be a benevolent beered-up dictator.

Amanda is appearing on the Queer Identies – Midsumma Edition panel during Midsumma 2016.

Dosh Luckwell: Poet


Photo by Tahlia Palmer


Dosh Luckwell is a theatre maker, performer and poet. Luckwell’s performance practice is a crossover of theatre, poetry, music, dance and installation that explores the themes of intimacy, sexuality, sex, relationships, gender and power. Recent theatre works include:Bad Adam/Pony, Box Me, Iron Man: The Shop Window Ironing Strip Show and Mr Femme Fatale. Dosh is also the creator of the ongoing live art projects Sex Poetry Booth and the Sex Wall. Dosh has released a nationally distributed album of sex poetry/music titled Sex Poems and is one half of the music outfit Public Sex that combines dirty words with techno. Dosh has been awarded Best Emerging Artist at the 2012 Fringe World awards and Best Live Artist at the Melbourne Fringe 2012. Last year, Dosh completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation (Animateuring) at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Dosh will be doing an improvised Sex Poetry performance at our Saturday Night Queerbaret. You can also find him on Facebook.